New WordCamp theme for the Community

WordCamp Europe organizing team gets bigger every year, and with 6 people dedicated to bring you the best visual experience – we wanted to give back to the community even more. That’s why we started to work on an all new and improved WordCamp theme.

A new and improved WordCamp theme

If you have ever setup a WordCamp website you know that it can be complicated and often frustrating. There are a lot of limitations one has to work around. We believe it shouldn’t be this hard and we want to make it especially easy for smaller teams that don’t have the design and development resources necessary to create a beautiful WordCamp website.

We’re working on a new WordCamp theme using the latest version of _s as a solid base. A theme that is more flexible, has more layout options, and improved A11y. We just introduced our ideas to the community and would love to hear your feedback as well.

A head start on design

Our design team is thinking even further than just providing a solid foundation and more flexibility. We also want to give you a head start on design. Separately from the new WordCamp theme, we’re also working on modular CSS and a living style guide, created with SCSS. This style guide can be used as is or customized to create a beautiful website. It is fairly extensive and helps style the most important elements of the theme like colors, fonts, and different components and widgets. To apply it to a WordCamp site you can use the “Remote CSS” plugin.

We will be releasing the style guide open source to the community. Our vision is that other people will fork it, evolve it, and release more versions for the community to choose from in the future.

We’ll be sharing more info and details on this soon, so stay tuned. For now we’d like to show you a sneak peek preview of the style guide:

Style Guide: Color variables and values

Style Guide: Example of components

If you’d like to share you’re thoughts about the new WordCamp theme we’re working on, hop on over to the community post.

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