Final batch of tickets now on sale

It may have slipped by unnoticed, but last week we started selling the very final batch of tickets.

At the end of the last WordCamp Europe in Vienna, when we announced Paris as the next host city, we released the first batch of 2000 tickets. That first batch sold out at the end of January 2017 and we decided to release the second batch immediately after, along with 300 microsponsor tickets.

With over 2200 tickets already sold or reserved (for our sponsors, speakers, and volunteers), WordCamp Europe 2017 will be the biggest WordCamp to date.

Keep in mind that there won’t be any more tickets after this release, except reserved tickets that won’t get collected.

What do you need to know?

Well, first, if you haven’t purchased your ticket just yet, don’t wait – get it today, as numbers can be misleading (in January alone we sold around 500 tickets). Getting your ticket today is a way of showing your support for people working hard to make WordCamp Europe 2017 the best experience ever.

Hotels list

With your ticket in your pocket (or inbox), you can check the list of hotels we recommend. Our local team (Merci, amis) prepared a list of hotels and grouped them by vicinity to the WordCamp’s venue, or by theme. If you’re in a mood for “Grand Paris”, “Amelie” or “Moulin Rouge” – you’ll find something for yourself. Each hotel is listed with an address, phone number, price for single and double rooms and with directions on how to get to the venue (Merci Jenny).

VISA invitation letters and invoices

You bought a ticket, and you need a VISA invitation letter or an invoice? Head to our WCEU VISA Application or Request an Invoice form. Once you fill the information required and you hit submit, give us at least five working days to respond (as we’re quite busy with organising everything).

Frequent Questions

Last week we published the FAQ page. We have answered some of the most common questions there, and we will be updating that page with more answers as they come along.

If you applied to speak or volunteer

If you applied to volunteer, you should get back from our volunteers team by the end of February. We received 292 volunteer applications (from 53 countries) this year, and we will need some time to go through them. So, be patient, sit back and relax while our team sends you an email.

As with volunteers, we received an enormous amount of speaker submissions, 310 of them to be exact. It will take the entire month of February to go through them, and we will start contacting selected speakers in March. For all of you who asked when will we publish the schedule – not before the end of March/beginning of April.

Sponsor or become a media partner

If you want to sponsor WordCamp Europe (or know someone that might be interested) go to our Call for Sponsors (or send them a link). We will appreciate it :). Keep in mind that there are just a few spots left (and we already sold out editor/author slots), so don’t wait the last minute to get in touch ;).

If you want to be a media partner of WordCamp Europe, you can apply before the end of February. This year we introduced some perks for those selected media partners, so they will have more visibility and a dedicated person who to get in touch if they need anything.

To stay in touch with what is going on with WordCamp Europe, you should subscribe to our news, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

As a bonus we recommend reading two of our first editorial articles – “Counting Down To WCEU: Looking At Paris From Above” and “WordPress People: Bernhard Kau“. Enjoy!

6 Replies to “Final batch of tickets now on sale”

  1. Bonjour tout le monde,

    J’avais posté un message au sujet du contributor’s day
    jamais reçu de réponse.

    Il y en aura-t-il un ou pas ?


    1. Bonjour Marc,
      Oui, le Contributor Day aura lieu le jeudi 15 juin. Pour le moment il suffit d’exprimer votre intérêt lors de l’achat de votre billet – l’enregistrement proprement dit (car places limitées), avec les détails sur les horaires, etc, sera communiqué ulterieurement. Je vous conseille de vous inscrire à notre newsletter (voir bas de page) pour être tenu informé.
      Bien cordialement,

      1. Bonjour Jenny,

        C’est gentil de me répondre, merci !

        Mon billet, je l’ai acheté en juin dernier, c’est dire mon intérêt,
        mais je ne sais pas où manifester maintenant mon intérêt alors je le fais ici.

        Oui, oui je suis inscris à la newsletter, faxletter, pigeon voyageur letter et tuuti quanti 🙂

        Bon courage et à bientôt



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