Deadline for applications to host WCEU 2018 extended to March 15th

The deadline for teams who would like to apply to host WordCamp Europe 2018 is now extended to March 15th. We would like to invite all teams who have organised a WordCamp in Europe in the past year to consider hosting WordCamp Europe in their city next year.

We’re here to coach and help you to prepare your applications, so if you’re interested in talking about it, please send us an email at host (at)

What is required for a team to apply?

To apply to host WordCamp Europe, you will need to fill out this application form. The form guides you through the requirements as you go along, but here’s a quick list of the information you will need to provide:

  • Information about your team 

Chapter 1 in which you introduce yourself and your team and make us really like you. It needs to include enough details about your event organizing experience and your co-organizers. The more we know, the better chance you have of winning us over.

  • Location

Chapter 2 in which you make us fall in love with your city and give us the arguments why the next WordCamp Europe needs to happen there. A good choice would be a city that’s really easy to reach from everywhere (ideally one flight for Europe, not more than 2 flights for outside of Europe) and has a lot of options for lodging and food compatible with different budgets.

  • Venue 

Chapter 3 in which we get to know the venue you are proposing. Picking the right venue is essential for a good WordCamp Europe and in the past we have hosted the event in theaters, congress centers, hotels and concert halls. The atmosphere of the venue can define the whole theme of the event that year. Ideally, the venue would be central, big enough to host at least 3000 people and has at least two halls for separate tracks. If the venue is flexible and the capacity can be expanded, that would give you an extra edge.

  • Contributor day venue

Chapter 4 – let’s make WordPress in your city! Contributor days are a major and important part of every WordCamp. For many, this day is more important than the days of the conference. Securing a smooth contributor day in a nice, cozy venue, is one of the top tasks for a local team.

Considering an application?

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