Get #WCEU badges and banners for your website

We know you are excited going to WordCamp Europe and you obviously want to show the world. So, today we are releasing badges and banners you can use to show the world your support for WordCamp Europe. These awesome badges and banners were designed by our designer Sonja Leix. Thank you, Sonja!

Feel free to link to and also, please don’t hotlink these files. Download here and upload to your website! Thank you <3


Download an image and put it on your website. Let everyone know you’re attending, volunteering sponsoring or speaking. (p.s. keep in mind that we’re still selecting speakers, so you should hear back from us before using this one;)

Click on a badge below to get the full size image!

WCEU Badge – I’m attending
WCEU Badge – I’m speaking
WCEU Badge – We’re sponsoring
WCEU Badge – I’m volunteering
WCEU Badge – I’m attending (alt. version)
WCEU Badge – I’m speaking (alt. version)
WCEU Badge – We’re sponsoring (alt. version)
WCEU Badge – I’m volunteering (alt. version)
WCEU Badge – Media Supporter

Localised badges

You can find localised badges in this shared folder. You don’t see your language there? Post your translation in the comments below this article, following localising instructions.


Download an image and put it on your website. Let everyone know you support WordCamp Europe!

Click for full size!

WCEU Banner 728×90
WCEU Banner 468×60

Want these badges localised?

No problem. Just comment on this post with your localised version of the text. Make sure to include all four badges in your localisation:

  • I’m attending
  • I’m volunteering
  • We’re sponsoring
  • I’m speaking
  • June 15-17, Paris, France

and we’ll make sure to add it to our shared folder.

29 Replies to “Get #WCEU badges and banners for your website”

  1. Dutch (nl_NL):

    I’m attending – Ik ben er bij
    I’m volunteering – Ik help mee als vrijwilliger
    We’re sponsoring – Wij sponsoren
    I’m speaking – Ik geef een lezing

  2. Traditional Chinese (zh_TW):
    I’m attending! – 我會參加!
    I’m volunteering! – 我是志工!
    We’re sponsoring! – 我們是贊助商!
    I’m speaking! – 我是講者!
    June 15-17, Paris, France – 6月15 – 17,法國巴黎

  3. French (fr_FR):

    I’m attending – J’y vais
    I’m volunteering – Je suis bénévole
    We’re sponsoring – Nous sommes sponsors
    I’m speaking (male) – Je suis orateur
    I’m speaking (female) – Je suis oratrice
    I’m organizing – Je suis organisateur
    June 15-17, Paris, France – 15-17 juin, Paris, France

  4. I’d like to use Japanese version 😊 Thanks!
    – I’m attending: 参加します
    – I’m volunteering: ボランティアします
    – We’re sponsoring: スポンサーしています
    – I’m speaking: 登壇します
    – June 15-17, Paris, France: 6月15-17日 パリ・フランス

      1. Thanks Sonja! That’s supercool!!!
        3 badges are perfect! Can you update volunteering one by this line break? Thanks!

  5. Spanish (es_ES):

    I’m attending – soy asistente
    I’m volunteering (male) – soy voluntario
    I’m volunteering (female) – soy voluntaria
    We’re sponsoring – somos patrocinadores
    I’m speaking – soy ponente
    I’m organizing (male) – soy organizador
    I’m organizing (female) – soy organizadora
    June 15-17, Paris, France – 15-17 de Junio, París, Francia

  6. Italian (it_IT):

    I’m attending – Io partecipo
    I’m volunteering (male)– Sono un volontario
    I’m volunteering (female)– Sono una volontaria
    We’re sponsoring – Siamo uno sponsor
    I’m speaking (male) – Sono uno speaker
    I’m speaking (female) – Sono una speaker
    I’m organizing (male)– Sono un organizzatore
    I’m organizing (female)– Sono una organizzatrice
    June 15-17, Paris, France – 15-17 giugno, Parigi, Francia

  7. Serbian(sr_RS)
    I’m attending – Ja prisustvujem
    I’m volunteering – Ja volontiram
    We’re sponsoring – Mi sponzorišemo
    I’m speaking – Ja sam predavač
    June 15-17, Paris, France – Jun 15-17, Pariz, Francuska

  8. Polish (pl_PL)

    I’m attending – Biorę udział
    I’m volunteering – Jestem wolontariuszem
    We’re sponsoring – Sponsorujemy
    I’m speaking – Przemawiam
    June 15-17, Paris, France – 15-17 czerwca, Paryż, Francja

  9. Romanian (ro_RO)
    I’m attending – Particip
    I’m volunteering – Sunt voluntar
    We’re sponsoring – Suntem sponsori
    I’m speaking –Țin o prezentare
    I’m organizing – Sunt organizator
    June 15-17, Paris, France – 15-17 Iunie, Paris, Franța

  10. Hei! Here are the Finnish versions (fi):

    I’m attending – Osallistun
    I’m volunteering – Vapaaehtoisena
    We’re sponsoring – Sponsoroimme
    I’m speaking – Puhujana
    June 15-17, Paris, France – 15.–17.6.2017, Pariisi

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