WordCamp Europe has a new logo!

Logo History
Logo history

Our design team put a lot of effort into a new logo in the last weeks and it finally came to life! The original logo was designed by Tammie Lister and it evolved in the following years getting small alterations by the great design teams of each WordCamp.

The new logo is an evolution and homage to the old logo that is loved by the WordPress Community, keeping the dotted european map of the original logo.

Lucijan Blagonic is the designer of the new logo, front-end designer from Zagreb and part of this year’s design team.

Our design team wanted to create a new brand identity for WordCamp Europe, with a clear focus on the location of where the event is at. Each year the visual focus area will change based on its location. The look and feel of the logo will always be unique for the selected host city through the distinct location focus, the color scheme and typeface. The logo mark will however be universally the same and highly recognizable to create brand awareness.

To make it easier for future host cities the team will develop a logo generator to create and export the logo mark each year.

We love it! Do you?

the new logo

3 Replies to “WordCamp Europe has a new logo!”

  1. Désolé, mais non, je n’aime pas du tout. Je trouve la partie graphique, au dessus du texte, illisible.

  2. I have to agree with Marc. The map of Europe is now so indistinct that it looks like a series of random dots. I’m sorry to be negative as I know just how much hard work goes into these activities and likes and dislikes are highly subjective, so I’m expecting lots of people to love the new design. You did ask what we thought though.

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