Time to register for #WCEU 2017 Contributor Day

Register for WordCamp Europe 2017 Contributor Day, taking place in the Business Center of “Les Docks de Paris” on Thursday, June 15th, 2017

Unlike previous years, Contributor Day is going to happen the day before the conference, on Thursday, June 15th, 2017. Today we are opening registration. As we can accommodate up to 500 contributors, we are asking you to only register if you plan to attend. You are still not sure if you should? Well, we already told you the reasons you should participate so don’t hesitate, just go to our registration form and we’ll see you in Paris. 😉

The WordCamp Europe 2017 Contributor Day is freely open to all the attendees of the WordCamp Europe. If you haven’t bought your ticket just yet, don’t wait until the last moment as you may miss your opportunity. If you already purchased your ticket (thank you for that!), get to the registration form and register today.

Things to note

For the first time this year, Contributor Day will take place before conference days, on Thursday, June 15th, 2017. It will happen in the Business Center of “Les Docks de Paris” (the same venue as the conference, but in the other building), starting at 08:30 am.

Apart from the usual contributors’ area, where you can contribute to your desired team, we will have workshops and talks for both beginners and those that want to learn more about a particular topic like JavaScript, Vagrant, internationalisation, security, accessibility, community, plugins, and so on. We will announce these workshops and talks in the weeks to come.

General information and advice

  • Location: Business Center – Les Docks de Paris – 97 avenue des magasins généraux – 93300 Aubervilliers.
  • Time: from 08:30 to 17:30 (CET)
  • Capacity: 500 people max.
  • Wifi: Don’t worry :). A Wifi Network is connected to a 1 GB Bandwidth Internet fiber. (woohoo!)


  • Don’t forget to confirm your participation by registering here.
  • Consider taking your laptop and charger with you.
  • If you haven’t created yet your account on WordPress.org or on the WordPress Slack (the tool WordPress contributors are using to communicate with), do so now!
  • Take a good care of yourself from now on until the 15th of June to be at 100% for the Contributor Day.
  • Spread the #WCEU Contributor Day to the whole world!


p.s. Do not worry, we will publish these instructions at least once more so you don’t forget anything.

Register for WCEU Contributor Day

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