Fourth group of #WCEU speakers – Alice Still, Rahul Bansal, Marco Calicchia, Pascal Birchler, Thabo Tswana

Please welcome our next group of WordCamp Europe speakers – Alice Still, Rahul Bansal, Marco Calicchia, Pascal Birchler, Thabo Tswana

We’re happy to present the next group of lightning talks to you. Bringing their stories of contributing to the WordPress community to the WCEU stage, please welcome: Alice Still, Rahul Bansal, Marco Calicchia, Pascal Birchler, and Thabo Tswana.

Alice Still – How we developed our local WordPress meetup

Alice uses content to create and build brands – on websites, via social media and at events – and has a particular interest in using tone of voice, content strategy and copywriting as tools to increase inclusiveness. Her talk, “How we developed our local WordPress meetup,” will cover how the organisers of Brighton’s local WordPress meetup, WordUp, created a successful regular monthly event where everyone is welcome.

Rahul Bansal – How translation sprints help bring in new contributors!

Rahul is the CEO of rtCamp and an active contributor in the WordPress community. In “How translation sprints help bring in new contributors,” Rahul will detail a successful language sprint that he helped to organise in India for the WordPress 4.6 release video.

Marco Calicchia – Making the most out of WordCamps

As a Community Manager at SiteGround, Marco attends numerous events around the world and actively networks and builds relationships with the WordPress community members. In his talk, he’ll cover four key steps that will help both individuals and business owners on how to prepare for a WordCamp, what strategies to implement for the best results and how to take the most from the event after it’s over.

Pascal Birchler – Translating WordPress into a Language Nobody Speaks

Pascal decided to start “Translating WordPress into a language nobody speaks” out of a desire to prevent Romansh, one of the four official languages in his home country of Switzerland, from dying. What began with one person, one idea, one passion, got attention from more people outside of the WordPress community and encouraged them to help to translate WordPress. Pascal will discuss how he not only began to learn Romansh and appreciate its beauty, but also how he learned some interesting things by introducing people to WordPress, the polyglots team, and the translation management tool.

Thabo Tswana – The Community that the Incubator Program Built

In 2016, the WordPress Community Team selected Harare, Zimbabwe as one of the three locations for the WordCamp Incubator program. Thabo, a freelance web designer, was the primary organiser of the very first WordCamp in Harare and continues to organise the city’s local meetup. “The community that the Incubator program built” will focus on how the program created excitement and kicked off the WordPress community in Harare.

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