Meet the sponsor: MOJO Marketplace

In our next sponsor interview we would like to introduce MOJO Marketplace. MOJO Marketplace is the web’s one-click marketplace for themes, plugins, installations, and more. MOJO is fully integrated with the leading web hosts, so that customers can browse, shop, and easily install themes with one-click.

You have sponsored WordCamps all over. What is your main motivation for sponsoring them?

I’d say it’s two fold. For starters, and as cliché as it sounds, we want to give back to the community. We feel like sponsoring WordCamps helps bring in new users to WordPress. It takes a lot of work and time for organisers to put together these WordCamps and we hope our sponsorship can make that a little easier on them.

Secondly, we’re proud of our brand and what we do. We enjoy traveling all around the world and sharing our passion with like-minded people. We’ve been involved with the WordPress space for almost 10 years and we want to keep it that way. 😉

WordCamp Europe in Paris is going to be the biggest one yet with over 3, 000 attendees. What are your expectations this time around?

That’s crazy and awesome! It’s exciting to think of how big this particular WordCamp has become! Honestly, we feel like a lot of the sellers of our marketplace will be there at this event. We’re most excited to be able to connect with them face to face and also make some new relationships with some talented WordPress designers and developers.

Being strictly from the US, we’re expecting it to be interesting how the different languages and cultures connect all in the same place.

Europe – with so many different languages and cultural differences – how important is WordCamp Europe for community growth?

It’s massive. The fact is, WordPress is big, crowded, and there’s a lot of the same old thing. I would say the biggest benefit of this type of growth is, with all of our differences in culture, we get exposed to new perspectives. Fresh perspectives will bring further innovation to a crowded space.

We’re already seeing this today. It seems like there’s some amazing and talented companies continually popping up all over the world. I’m excited to see this trend continue.

In what way do you think you can best contribute to the future of WordPress?

At MOJO specifically we feel like we’re continuing to build a platform that allows thousands of WordPress designers and developers to make money doing what they love. We would love to be able to continue to provide a platform for anyone and everyone to earn a living using platform to share their products and services with the world!

Being a go to solution for all website design is great. How do you handle 4.8 million happy users?

It’s not easy otherwise everyone would do it! 😉 After this many years and millions of customers, we’ve made our fair share of mistakes. I think how we’ve handled all of the demand is staying patient and passionate about what we do. Whether it’s positive or negative we tackle the issue head on.

On top of that I feel like we’ve done a good job of not getting comfortable. We’ve tried and failed, and we’ve tried and succeeded with new products and features across the marketplace. You have to keep pushing forward with a strong vision of where you’re going next and never forget your customers are the most important.

“Dream In Years, Plan In Months, Ship in Days” – Luke Wroblewski

How did you come up with the friendly green monster?

From the beginning we’ve always wanted to be an approachable brand. In an effort to not take ourselves too seriously and understanding this space is already intimidating, we felt like the “friendly green monster” would help customers connect with us on a personal level.

As I was working on the branding I fell in love with the icons designed by Dircue Viega of FastIcon. He’s a talented illustrator designer from Brazil. I worked personally with him to come up with our very own custom monster.

Thank you MOJO Marketplace for sponsoring WordCamp Europe 2017 (and don’t forget to stop by their booth)

Say hello to #WCEU sponsors

Sponsors are one of the most important parts of WordCamp Europe. With their help we keep the ticket price low, and the conference open to everyone. While in Paris, visit their booths, say hello to them, and talk with them about their products and services. Wondering who these companies are? Visit the sponsors page.

Thank you to our sponsors for being an important part of WordCamp Europe <3

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