#WCEU Regular Ticket Sales to End on May 31st

There are around 400 tickets remaining for WordCamp Europe 2017 and we are starting our final preparation for the event, which is now less than a month away. Preparing for a number of attendees that we’ve never seen before, we are announcing that May 31st will be the end date for regular ticket sales.

Organising an event for over 3000 people is incredibly rewarding but extremely expensive. As WordCamp Europe is a community event, we have to be extra careful with every penny that’s spent. We are invested in things that improve the event’s accessibility and inclusivity, and we’d like to have the precise number of people attending to avoid unnecessary costs (for example, ordering extra lunches – something that we need to do two weeks in advance).

To do that, to focus on a conference experience that you will all remember, we decided to end ticket sales two weeks before the conference, on May 31st.

This wasn’t an easy decision for us, but it will help us to focus on the things that matter and be careful with the budget, something that is imperative for an event organised by the community. As there are still around 400 tickets left and the tickets were on sale for almost a year, we are confident that everyone who wants to attend WordCamp Europe had (and will have) enough time to buy a regular ticket.

Keep in mind that the sale will end for regular tickets only. You will still have the opportunity to buy a micro-sponsor ticket after May 31st.

Don’t have a ticket? Don’t wait! Go to the tickets page and get one now.