Got a #WCEU ticket to sell? Let others know!

On May 31st we closed regular ticket sales, and while we still have enough micro sponsor tickets, you might want to purchase a regular ticket. If you have an extra ticket to sell – write about it in the comments below. Also, if you want to buy tickets – write that in the comments too. Make sure you specify how many tickets do you sell/need and how to get in touch with you.

147 Replies to “Got a #WCEU ticket to sell? Let others know!”

    1. hi, I need one ticket if it’s still available please.
      @flashsama on twitter
      flashsama{at}gmail {dot}com

  1. Hi, I have 1 ticket for sale. Be glad to make someone happy with it. Due to personal circumstances I will not be attending WCEU.
    Send an email to karin @

  2. I have one ticket to sell because I already have one as speaker. My nickname on wordpress slack is Mte90 but you can reach me also here with a comment ☺️

    1. I have that ticket available 🙂
      my nickname on twitter is @mte90net for anyone that doesn’t have slack

  3. Unfortunately I cannot attend #wceu so I have 1 ticket for sale – if you are interested, please get in contact via

  4. I have 1 ticket to sell, the one I bought before I got one as a volunteer.
    I can be reached on Slack or Twitter, username NetAgence, or I’ll keep an eye on those comments.
    Have a nice day!

  5. Hi, there
    Due to the visa issue, unfortunately I can’t attend this year’s conference. So I have 1 ticket available. Please let me know if anyone need to buy one.

    Thank you very much.

  6. I have one ticket still available. It was $45 USD. I’m sorry I will miss it.

    I’ll switch my name and email info in the ticket to yours and send the link to fill in the rest.

    1. Hi Mike,
      Can you give me 1 ticket too? Please Let me know.
      sergio (at) martinez-nicolas (dot) com
      Thank you very much in advance!

  7. I have 1 ticket for sale for WordCamp because I’m not able to attend #wceu this year. Price is $40, but we can agree on less.
    You can email me at paulin.ivan.1 at gmail dot com, on Twitter @ivan_paulin or leave reply here

      1. Hi, Patrick

        If you still don’t get your ticket, I have one ticket for sale. Contact me on dandyjefferson at gmail dot com.

        Thank you.

  8. So sad : can’t go to see you in Paris. SO > I have 1 ticket available for sale. If you want it : toc toc on @lewebdejulie on Twitter. Have a nice WCEU !!!

  9. Selling my 2 days ticket (WordCamp Europe – June 16-18, 2017) due to personal circumstances. Original price was 40€ but I’ll obviously accept less.
    Answer to this message or contact me on twitter (@bbieri) if interested 🙂

  10. Hey all,
    Apparently my passport won’t come in on time So got a spare ticket in these last hours.
    Anybody who wants to buy?

    Let me know. Mail me at
    iashutoshgaur (at) gmail (dot) com

    1. Hi, Tobi

      I have one spare ticket for sale, if you are interested, you can reach me on dandyjefferson at gmail dot com.


      1. @Patrick Lenormand Je laisse Sébastien répondre, et vous confirme que le mien est toujours à vendre si celui-ci est parti. Bonne journée.

    1. Hi Jane,
      I am still looking for one ticket. please send me an email at bertil at bbov .nl to transfer the ticket. Bertil

  11. One ticket to give away – canceling for personal reasons :/
    just pm me on to veerleverbert

  12. Hello there.

    I finally cannot attend. I have a ticket with access to Contributor Day. If you want it, please ping me via twitter @bi0xid or email at raven [@] raven [.] es

  13. I still have one ticket available please email me at janecnyc at and you can purchase it via paypal. Thank you.

  14. I have one ticket to sell. Just add here your email and I’ll contact you, or, if you prefer, contact me directly on Slack @sel

  15. I have one ticket for sale if anyone needs it. Comment with your contact details and I’ll get in touch.

  16. I am selling one ticket. Please email me at vienlhanz26 {at] gmail dot com or provide your email address below.

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