Announcing livestream tickets sale

The regular tickets are gone, and while there are people who are worried because they didn’t get their ticket in time, we are trying to find the way to help. That’s why we started an article where you can advertise if you’re selling or buying the tickets – something that proved quite popular in the last few days. And the next thing we’d like to announce are the live stream tickets.

As with previous years, live stream tickets are completely free – we want to make WordCamp Europe as accessible to everyone as possible. To get your ticket go to our tickets page and get one. It’s that easy.

WordCamp Europe Watch Parties

So, you want to throw a watch party? We can’t blame you – we’d like to throw a watch party ourselves :). Watch parties are a great way to have people together and enjoy the great content we prepared and a stellar lineup of speakers coming from all over the world. We have couple of things to ask you though 🙂

  • keep in mind that WordCamp Europe is happening in Paris, which is UTC+2. For those in Europe that won’t be a problem, but from those from other countries – you might have problems following the sessions in the morning or the afternoon – so plan your watch parties accordingly
  • if you’re throwing a watch party – let us know in the comments below. We’ll help with the promotion on social media 😉
  • be active on social networks, use the #WCEU hashtag when discussing WordCamp Europe on Twitter and Facebook – let’s make some noise together
  • ask participants to get their tickets. We know you’ll only need one live stream ticket to watch WordCamp Europe, but having a better understanding of how many people watched and are interested, will help us build an even better conference next year

If you know other people from your country that would be interested in throwing a watch party – help them. WordPress is all about sharing and caring for others, so let’s make sure we are inclusive to everyone.

Get your live stream ticket today!

6 Replies to “Announcing livestream tickets sale”

  1. Howdy!

    Thanks for giving us the chance to watch the live stream! Woohoo!

    We have planned to meet and watch a few of the Saturday sessions with our fellow friends of the local WordPress community here in Thessaloniki, Greece! Here’s our event announcement

    I know you’re all probably super-super busy with the WordCamp itself but, we would really appreciate it if you could lend a hand promoting our Watch Party as well 🙂

    Anything we could do to help with that from our side? Feel free to ping us! Thanks a mil and have an awesome WordCamp! ❤️🚀

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