Thank you Sucuri and Gravity Forms for being the amazing #WCEU after party sponsors!

You probably know everything about the after party by now, including the after party theme we announced just a couple of days ago. But what you might not know yet, is that it’s all possible thanks to our amazing after party sponsors – Sucuri and Gravity Forms.


You have sponsored WordCamps all over. What is your primary motivation for sponsoring them and what are your expectations for WordCamp Europe in Paris?

Sucuri has actively participated in WordCamps since our inception. Over the years we’ve worked to balance our event sponsorships across platforms and industries to help reach our core audiences and supporters. WCEU in Paris is an opportunity for the Sucuri team to connect with our WP community of friends.

What have you got in store for us for the after party? Are there any surprises you’re planning for our attendees?

We’re excited to be the sponsor for this year’s after party in Paris and hope all attendees have a safe and enjoyable experience to remember. We wouldn’t be a security company without exercising the concept of least privilege; we’ll all just have to wait and see what the event brings.

What’s coming up next for Sucuri, and what will change with the GoDaddy acquisition?

Sucuri 2.0 is in full swing, and we’re working hard to continue improvements to the technology and user experience. The acquisition empowers us to deploy our technology stack across one of the largest hosting providers in the world, further enabling us to expand our research and strengthen our defences for our customers.

Gravity Forms

You have sponsored WordCamps all over. What is your main motivation for sponsoring them and what are you expectations for WordCamp Europe in Paris?

Gravity Forms is a commercial WordPress plugin and one of the ways we give back to the community is by sponsoring WordCamp events so that we can help contribute to making them great events. We expect WordCamp Europe will be a fantastic event and I expect it will be tough for WordCamp USA to beat!

What’s the best after party you have attended at a WordCamp, and why do you think people should attend them in general?

The best after party I have attended at a WordCamp was at WordCamp Minneapolis 2013. One of the main organizers that year, Kiko Doran, had arranged to have the after party at the offices of a company called WestWork. They had an amazing open space in a very old warehouse building. It was a fantastic after party!

What’s next on the roadmap for Gravity Forms?

We have a lot of great things nearing release and in active development. We just released the beta version of a new feature add-no for creating cascading chained select fields called the Chained Selects Add-On.

This brand new add-on allows you to quickly build Year/Make/Model style selection fields without having to create a lot of Select Fields and manage all of the conditional logic yourself. You simply create the data in your favorite spreadsheet application, export to CSV, and upload it to the field. This is just one of many, many things we are working on and we have much more on the way!

Thank you Sucuri and Gravity Forms for sponsoring WordCamp Europe 2017!

Say hello to #WCEU sponsors

Sponsors are one of the most important parts of WordCamp Europe. With their help we keep the ticket price low, and the conference open to everyone. While in Paris, say hello to them, and talk with them about their products and services. Wondering who these companies are? Visit the sponsors page.

Thank you to our sponsors for being an important part of WordCamp Europe <3

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