Belgrade, Serbia to host WordCamp Europe 2018

We are happy to announce that Belgrade, Serbia, will host WordCamp Europe 2018. The capital of Serbia, Belgrade, is an old city in the centre of the Balkans with fantastic food, culture, nightlife, and most importantly – an incredible WordPress community.

Every year a different city and country host WordCamp Europe. Our European journey started in Leiden, Netherlands and back then we couldn’t imagine the impact this event would have in the European WordPress community. We were in Sofia, Bulgaria in the second year and the year after in Seville, Spain. Some of you were with us last year in Vienna, and a lot more this year in Paris.

We try to make the event accessible to every person out there, not only in Europe but also globally, now that WordCamp Europe is more and more becoming a global event. During the past few days, we heard a lot of people asking where the next WordCamp Europe will take place, some of them afraid of the growing cost of traveling to one European city after another. And that’s fair. After Bulgaria, WordCamp Europe wasn’t hosted in any other Eastern European city, but that is changing now.

Global lead for 2018, Jenny Beaumont“WCEU was created to bring us together across borders, discover and share our cultural richness. I am excited to discover Serbia and the beautiful city of Belgrade with you.”

Serbia, a country often seen as a crossroad between east and west, where different cultures collide. The Serbian WordPress community is one of the younger ones and is the perfect example of what WordCamp Europe means to people across the continent. Starting after the first event in Leiden, today the Serbian community hosts meetups in several cities across the country, some of which get more than a hundred people in attendance. Every time.

Local lead for 2018 will be Milan Ivanović. “We are all so happy to have this opportunity of hosting WordCamp Europe next year. For us everything started at the first WordCamp Europe in Leiden — that was a spark that lighten up the entire community” says Milan Ivanovic, WCEU 2018 Local Lead. “Having this global event in Belgrade will help our community grow even more and we will do everything we can to make everyone feel welcome in Serbia.”

Everyone here at WCEU2017 organising team is also thrilled that WordCamp Europe, now a global event, will take place in Belgrade next year. Belgrade is accessible with direct flights from the biggest European cities and airport hubs. Serbia is also less expensive than (probably) any other country that hosted WordCamp Europe so far. With that in mind, we believe it will be easy for people to travel there.

See you in Belgrade in a year!