Five reasons you’ll fall in love with Belgrade <3

Every year WordCamp Europe goes to a different city and a different country. After Paris hosted WordCamp Europe this year, next year we are going east to Belgrade. It’s a diverse, exciting and unusual city and today we’re giving you five reasons you’ll fall in love with it.

WordPress allows you to work and have fun while Belgrade is a city where you can enjoy working. As the capital of Serbia and the largest city in the country, Belgrade is the centre of Balkans, the epicentre of fun and a city where everything is happening today. Whether you want to explore its rich ancient architectural remains, immerse yourself in the very interesting nightlife, or spend some time working, Belgrade is a city with answers for all your needs.

#1 Food

Friends who have visited Belgrade have all agreed that it’s a city with rich and versatile food. Being at the crossroads of Eastern and Western Europe, it developed a rich cuisine culture that Serbians are proud of. And, did we mention that the prices are more than reasonable which will make your stay even more pleasant and worthwhile?

Skadarlia street also know as the Bohemian neighbourhood offers a variety of different food choices

#2 Easy to get there

As for the flight distance, Sofia and Bucharest are within half an hour, Vienna, Prague, Rome within 1.5 hours, and Frankfurt is within two hours. The price of office space is at least less than half than in any of those listed cities. The IT industry is on the constant rise, which makes Belgrade and Serbia the future Silicon Valley. And to confirm that: Nordeus, Frame, Symphony and ManageWP are among the top local companies that are working worldwide to millions of people happy.

#3 Community

Not that we’ve compared but, we’ve been told that Belgrade and the whole of Serbia has the craziest WordPress community – their meetups easily have more than a hundred people in attendance (shown in the photo below!) 🙂 That is why we believe that having WCEU here will not only help in strengthening local community and WordPress itself, but also ensure that everyone who comes has a great time and experience, too.

WordPress Meetup in Belgrade

#4 Culture

Ancient Celts, who founded Belgrade two millennia ago on the confluence of the two rivers, sure didn’t expect it to be what it is today. Belgrade today is what people who live here and come here made it to be. Just like WordPress, it evolved thanks to versatile people; both WordPress and Belgrade are big, strong and fun because of its great, loving and exciting community.

#5 Nightlife

With various restaurants, bars, pubs, river clubs and nightclubs, the party scene in Belgrade is something that will satisfy even the ones with the most refined tastes. Belgrade’s nightlife is both intimate and wild, easy going and exciting, with plenty of good vibes, good music and good people to have fun with. And, did we mention it is cheaper than most (or all of) European cities? All the more reason not to miss your chance to visit Belgrade, Serbia.

Belgrade offers a lot of chillout opportunities

And, if you ever get bored or overwhelmed, Belgrade is a place where you can go underground and explore the city within the city with all its Roman, Austrian, Turkish and old Serbian secrets. Within it, you’ll find yourselves among ancient dungeons, tunnels, bunkers and many other mysterious places like you’ve never seen before.

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