Team Leads

Each year we elect one person to oversee the organization as a whole, bringing their unique touch, experience and ideas to the table. Working in tight collaboration with the team lead of the host country, together they set the tone and create the dynamic for the event.

Paolo Belcastro

Paolo is a modern nomad: after Italy, France, and Switzerland, he currently lives in Vienna, Austria from where he leads the Automattic/ Spectrum Division and the WordCamp Europe team.

Austria /@p3ob7o /

Jenny Beaumont

Multicultural, multidisciplinary maker & writer of things. Senior Project Manager at Human Made.

France / @jennybeaumont /

Communication Team

The Communication Team is the main interface with our public, our attendees past present and future. They write content for our website and our blog, animate our social media accounts and field questions on all fronts. They are one of the few teams working literally all year round – give them a shout out! (written by someone not on the Communication Team 😉 )

Emanuel Blagonic

Father. Designer. WordPresser. Activist. Problem solver. Wants to change the world. Doesn’t accept no as an answer. Always in a hurry. #wpmeetupzg & #wchr co-organizer. Doesn’t have superpowers. Yet.
Croatia / @eblagonic /

Phillip Roth

Web and graphic designer from Cologne, Speaker and WordPress enthusiast, chocolate milk addict. Co-organizer @WordCampCGN, WordPress Meetup Cologne @WPcgn
Germany@prwebcare /

Benoit Catherineau

Co-founder of WordPress-Francophone in 2005 and still in the WPFR’s staff, French translator of WordPress, staff member of all WordCamps Paris
France / @benkenobi07

Benjamin Lupu

Head of Digital for the Jeune Afrique press group, avid user of WordPress since 2008, passionate co-creator of the WP-AppKit plugin, co-organizer of WordCamp Paris

Siobhan Bamber

WordPresser. Automattician. Hails from Wales. Loves to explore. Keeps busy through books, travel plans, and endless day dreaming.
Great Britain@siobhyb

Community Team

In addition to the two days of talks during WordCamp Europe, we also hold an annual Contributor Day, and this year and for the first time, the Community Summit is coming to Europe! The Community Team is in charge of organizing programming and logistics for these two community events.

Rocío Valdivia

WordPress, BuddyPress & Open Source advocate. WordPress Community Wrangler @ for WordCamp Central. Co-organizer of @WCEurope 2015, 2016 and 2017, co-organizer of the first three WordCamps Sevilla.

Spain / @rociovaldi /

Aleksandar Savkovic

Customer Happiness Engineer and trainer @ManageWP, WordPress contributor, WordCamp Belgrade co-organizer. The speed is what I need 🙂 F1 and MotoGP Freak.

Serbia@WPAleks /

Igor Zinovyev

Code Wrangler at Automattic, WordPress and Jetpack developer, speaker and volunteer at several WordCamps.


Ibon Azkoitia

Self-employed working with WordPress. Contributing to WordPress in the Community side of WPSpain organizing local community + WordCamp + other type of WPEvents. Starting a nomadic lifestyle.

Spain / @ibonazkoitia /

Francesco Di Candia

Self-employed in love with WordPress. I’m a translator, a Meetup Organizer, sometimes i try to solve problems on italian WordPress Forum and organizing WordCamp. In a few year i’ll organize first WordCamp ‘on a beach’.


Andrés Cifuentes

Colombian front-end developer living in Sevilla. WordPress enthusiast working at OnTheGoSystems as Community leader and WPML supporter. Colombian coffee addict and eternal languages student.

Spain / @andescifuentesr /

Mathieu Viet

I love to build WordPress plugins. French Podcasts @veryfrenchtrip & one of the founding members of @wpparis.

France / @imath

Xavier Borderie

Open Source Advocate @ PrestaShop. French translator of WordPress since 2004; co-founder of WordPress-Francophone in 2005; Head of WPFR from 2005 to 2015; Main organizer of the 8 first WordCamp Paris; Member of the WordCamp Europe founding team; etc.

France / @xibe /

Content Team

The newly named Content Team is at the heart of WordCamp Europe, charged with the great responsibility of curating the event’s program. From inspiring talks that will keep us talking for years, to enticing networking opportunities for all interests, they will instrument a rhythm to keep us engaged and wanting more.

Francesca Marano

WordPress professional, community junkie. Francesca makes things happen from Torino, Italy: WordCamp and Meetup organizer, Polyglot, Community Deputy, WordCamp Mentor. Beyoncé is always the answer.

Italy@FrancescaMarano /

Siobhan McKeown

Siobhan is Events Director at Human Made, where she shepherds events on development and remote working. She is a writer and has written a book about the history of the WordPress project.


Nikolay Bachiyski

Nikolay loves semantic arguments and asking why. Working on a better developer experience at Automattic.
Bulgaria / @nikolayb

Ana Aires

Ana Aires is WidgiLabs co-founder, a portuguese WordPress agency. Loves to write code and is passionate about WordPress’ modularity. Her focus is on creating great experience for WordCamp attendees.

Portugal /

Ana Francisca Silva

Digital-marketing girl at Human Made; coffee-drinker, poetry lover, found in London. Co-organiser of WordCamp London, Brighton & Europe.

Design Team

Where WordCamp Europe is its own brand, part of that brand is the changing landscape as it travels from year to year. Starting with a local, culturally-inspired concept, the Design Team covers web design, stage decoration, badges, swag, and more; and lends support to other teams for their visual communication needs.

Sonja Leix

Sonja is a location-independent Digital Strategist and Web Designer and loves working with passionate people.

United States@sonjaleix /

Bernhard Kau

Bernhard is a PHP developer living in Berlin, Germany. He is a passionate WordPress user, plugin developer, and community member. He also organizes WordPress events, like WordPress Meetup and WordCamp in Berlin.

Germany@2ndkauboy /

Lucijan Blagonic

Lucijan is a front–end designer from Zagreb, Croatia. He is specialized in building design systems & style guides while thinking about usability, accessibility and performance. Also, ABBA fan & gamer.

Croatia@lblagonic /

Scott Evans

Scott works with the VIP team as a front end developer and designer. Outside the world of WordPress you will find him cycling, eating cake and tinkering with electronics.

Great Britain / @scottsweb /

Gemma Evans

Gemma is a freelance web designer and illustrator. She loves the great outdoors, crafts, photography and food.

Great Britain@gemmagarner /

Adrian Koss

UX/mobile/motion designer from Paris, France. At Groupe Moniteur/Infopro Digital since 2007. Organizer of many WordCamps Paris. Love photography, illustrations and scifi movies.

France@korido /

Local Team

On the ground in Paris, the Local Team provides logistics, wrangles local vendors and venues, and gathers information ensuring a great experience for all attendees. Some of our members also work on other teams to provide clear, open communication and a seamless organization for all aspects of the event.

Emilie Lebrun

CEO of Whodunit (WordPress agency), COO of WP Media (WP Rocket e.g.) Co-organizer of WordCamp Paris, frequent speaker and promoting the professionalization of WordPress with ThinkWP and WPNext.


Olivier Gobet

Experienced self-employed WordPress specialist at, founded in 2006. Never missed a WordCamp in Paris. Co-organizer since 2014


Maxime Bernard-Jacquet

Web developer from France. I teach WordPress at blogger at Meetup Organizer and sometimes speaker and volonteer at WordCamps. ACF enthusiast and translator.


Sponsors Team

In order to keep our ticket prices low and the quality of our event off the charts, we rely on the generosity of our sponsors. The Sponsor Team is tasked with rallying companies to our cause, those which are in line with our philosophies and relevant to our attendees, while providing them in turn with a high-profile experience.

Noel Tock

Noel Tock is a Swiss Digital Nomad that enjoys building solutions online. He is a partner at Human Made, a top tier WordPress agency (and VIP Partner). There, he oversees the growing product portfolio (Nomadbase, Happytables, WP Remote, etc.).

Switzerland / @noeltock /

Remkus De Vries

Remkus is an enthusiastic WordPress aficionado from Fryslân, The Netherlands. Back in 2007 he founded his WordPress specialist company ForSite Media and has since been expanding in all areas WordPress. He’s been the Dutch admin for WordPress, and has been the lead-organizer of WordCamp Netherlands 6 times now and this will also be his fifth WordCamp Europe.

Netherlands / @DeFries /

Elodie Bouneau

Head of Product at Happytables and CTO at Tribeca Studios. I spend my life building digital products and travelling the world.

United Kingdom

Nevena Tomovic

When not interviewing people and writing, Nevena enjoys arial gymnastics, ice hockey and nutella.


Jonas Andrijauskas

Jonas is Monitoring Manager at Sucuri, Co-Organiser of WordPress Meetup Kaunas, Lithuania, and a Polyglots team contributor. He is also a husband, father of three and a firm believer in open source.


Volunteers Team

There could be no WordCamp Europe without the hard work of the team of volunteers who sign up to lend their time and energy to making sure everything runs smoothly during the event. The Volunteer Team has the illustrious job of recruiting, training, organizing and managing upwards of 250 individuals over 3 days.

Luca Sartoni

Growth Engineer at Automattic, Photographer at, Blogger at

Austria / @lucasartoni /

Taco Verdonschot

Community Manager at Yoast, organizer of things, translator of stuff, finder of bugs, fixer of people. Dakar fanboy, minion of Luca. Shares house and life with his girlfriend Fay and their baby Lise.


Milan Ivanovic

Milan lives and breathes WordPress: he’s the global translation editor, WordPress Serbia lead and one of WordCamp Europe and Belgrade organizers. In spare time he holds WordPress lectures and collects WordCamp T-shirts.


Stefania Chiorboli

HR Wrangler at Automattic, mother of two, Amsterdam-based, loves to surf, yoga and travel.


Davor Altman

Happiness Engineer at Automattic, WordPress enthusiast, and Customer Support addict.


Veselin Nikolov

Veselin has 15 years of experience as a Software Engineer. He joined Automattic in 2011 and for the last several years has been working on the Store. He lives in Sofia, Bulgaria, where he is part of the WordCamp Sofia team. He is a geek, introvert, father, and has a master’s degree in Information Systems.

Bulgaria / @dzver /

PR Team

The newly formed Press Relations Team will be connecting with media outlets worldwide to put a spotlight on WordCamp Europe, deserved attention for this event which has become the largest and most impactful to date.

Letizia Barbi

International Communication Specialist, Event Manager and wine lover.

Italy / @letiziabarbi

Milos Mihaljevic

Customer Happiness Engineer and Supervisor @ManageWP. Likes to share knowledge and help people get into WordPress community!

Serbia / @Soda_1nc

Luis Rull

CEO of, a WordPress developer company and Cofounder of EBE.
WordPress lover. GTE of es_ES polyglots team.

Spain / @luisrull

Photography Team

Our Photography Team is responsible for all those amazing photographs and videos that will help you imagine the passion behind this event.

Florian Ziegler

Web designer & developer, photographer, traveller and co-founder at He is never without his camera.

Germany@damndirty /