Welcome CampSite 2017 – new WordCamp theme developed by #WCEU

As WordCamp Europe is just one day away, we now have the opportunity to look back at what we’ve accomplished during the past year. One of the things that makes us proud is the new WordCamp theme that our Design team have been working on for the past few months. As the theme has gone into beta testing (testers still needed!), we took a moment to talk with Sonja Leix (Design team lead), Bernhard Kau, and Lucijan Blagonic – who extensively worked on the new theme.

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Let’s make accessibility the next big thing

It was during the inaugural WordCamp Europe that I first met Rian. It was my first WordCamp ever, as for many others. I met Rian on Contributors Day in the accessibility track, which was also my first contact with how WordPress faces accessibility. Yes, I was aware of various accessibility issues and how people with disabilities use the web, but that was the point, that first Contributors day of mine, when I realised how important this work is.

Since then I followed Rian and the efforts of the entire WordPress accessibility team. Their job is the important one of not only improving accessibility in our WordPress world but building awareness for it too. They work hard every day to make WordPress, its plugins and themes accessible to everyone, yet, we can be unaware of that. This is a story about WordPress and its accessibility team. Continue reading “Let’s make accessibility the next big thing”