WordCamp Europe has a new logo!

Logo History

Logo history

Our design team put a lot of effort into a new logo in the last weeks and it finally came to life! The original logo was designed by Tammie Lister and it evolved in the following years getting small alterations by the great design teams of each WordCamp.

The new logo is an evolution and homage to the old logo that is loved by the WordPress Community, keeping the dotted european map of the original logo.

Lucijan Blagonic is the designer of the new logo, front-end designer from Zagreb and part of this year’s design team.

Our design team wanted to create a new brand identity for WordCamp Europe, with a clear focus on the location of where the event is at. Each year the visual focus area will change based on its location. The look and feel of the logo will always be unique for the selected host city through the distinct location focus, the color scheme and typeface. The logo mark will however be universally the same and highly recognizable to create brand awareness.

To make it easier for future host cities the team will develop a logo generator to create and export the logo mark each year.

We love it! Do you?

the new logo

Get #WCEU badges and banners for your website

We know you are excited going to WordCamp Europe and you obviously want to show the world. So, today we are releasing badges and banners you can use to show the world your support for WordCamp Europe. These awesome badges and banners were designed by our designer Sonja Leix. Thank you, Sonja!
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Counting Down To WCEU: Paris For Kids And Families

Our tips and recommendations series continue. This time we are going to explore what you can do if you travel with your family.

Don’t miss the other series of Counting Down To #WCEU:

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Let’s make accessibility the next big thing

It was during the inaugural WordCamp Europe that I first met Rian. It was my first WordCamp ever, as for many others. I met Rian on Contributors Day in the accessibility track, which was also my first contact with how WordPress faces accessibility. Yes, I was aware of various accessibility issues and how people with disabilities use the web, but that was the point, that first Contributors day of mine, when I realised how important this work is.

Since then I followed Rian and the efforts of the entire WordPress accessibility team. Their job is the important one of not only improving accessibility in our WordPress world but building awareness for it too. They work hard every day to make WordPress, its plugins and themes accessible to everyone, yet, we can be unaware of that. This is a story about WordPress and its accessibility team. Continue reading Let’s make accessibility the next big thing

Deadline for applications to host WCEU 2018 extended to March 15th

The deadline for teams who would like to apply to host WordCamp Europe 2018 is now extended to March 15th. We would like to invite all teams who have organised a WordCamp in Europe in the past year to consider hosting WordCamp Europe in their city next year.

We’re here to coach and help you to prepare your applications, so if you’re interested in talking about it, please send us an email at host (at) wp-europe.org. Continue reading Deadline for applications to host WCEU 2018 extended to March 15th

Call for Photographers

Help us make WordCamp Europe memorable — Photo by Florian Ziegler

Help us make WordCamp Europe memorable — Photo by Florian Ziegler

We are doing things a little different this year, as we are announcing an official call for photographers.

In the previous years we recruited photographers from the volunteers pool. This year we decided to up the game and make a separate application available for photographers who want to document what will be the largest WordPress conference to date. Continue reading Call for Photographers

Final batch of tickets now on sale

It may have slipped by unnoticed, but last week we started selling the very final batch of tickets.

At the end of the last WordCamp Europe in Vienna, when we announced Paris as the next host city, we released the first batch of 2000 tickets. That first batch sold out at the end of January 2017 and we decided to release the second batch immediately after, along with 300 microsponsor tickets.

With over 2200 tickets already sold or reserved (for our sponsors, speakers, and volunteers), WordCamp Europe 2017 will be the biggest WordCamp to date.

Keep in mind that there won’t be any more tickets after this release, except reserved tickets that won’t get collected. Continue reading Final batch of tickets now on sale

WordPress People: Bernhard Kau

WordCamp Europe is about a lot of great people meeting in Paris this summer. In our new WordPress People interview series we will introduce you to people who are active in the community and use WordPress every day.

Our first interview is with Bernhard Kau. Bernhard is a PHP developer living in Berlin, Germany. He is a passionate WordPress user, plugin developer and community member. He also organizes WordPress events, like the WordPress Meetup and WordCamp in Berlin.

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Counting Down To WCEU: Looking At Paris From Above

Next June, WordCamp Europe will be held in Paris. Thousands of WordPress fans will gather to share and contribute to what is currently one of the biggest open source projects. As you may know, each edition of the WordCamp Europe is held in a different city. We think it is a great way to enlighten the European communities diversity. This year, we thought that it would be a good idea to bring out the host city more than we did the previous years so that attendees can take the most out of their travel. Continue reading Counting Down To WCEU: Looking At Paris From Above

Devenez partenaire média du plus grand WordCamp en Europe

Après, Leiden en 2013, Sofia en 2014, Séville en 2015 et Vienne en 2016, Paris va accueillir en 2017 la communauté internationale WordPress pour le cinquième WordCamp Europe. Ce sera le plus grand événement WordPress jamais organisé.

Aimeriez-vous faire partie de cette aventure et être au cœur de la communauté WordPress européenne pour offrir à votre audience un aperçu de ces trois jours pendant lesquels plus de 3 000 professionnels et amateurs enthousiastes se rassemblent pour apprendre, collaborer, réseauter et se faire des amis ?

Pour ce faire, il vous suffit de remplir ce formulaire  et faites-nous savoir si vous souhaitez être partenaire de l’événement. Continue reading Devenez partenaire média du plus grand WordCamp en Europe