Contributor Day Schedule

WordCamp Europe Contributor Day will take place a day before the conference, on Thursday, June 15th at the same venue (but different building) as WordCamp Europe.

Below, we have prepared the schedule of all the talks and workshops that will take place during the day. If you want to contribute (and we hope you do!) when you’re not in a workshop or listening to a talk, here is the full list of Contributor Day Teams, led by industry experts.

While we have a lot of things planned during the day, make sure you don’t miss lunch, which is planned between 12:30 and 2:30 pm. We made lunch slightly longer as we have limited space and some workshops will end around 1:15 pm. But don’t worry, enjoy Contributor Day and we’ll make sure to feed everyone. <3

If you haven’t already, make sure you read the more detailed explanation of what Contributor Day is, and how to register for it. Also, make sure you are at the venue at 8:30, as we are expecting 500 people and have to process all the registrations before opening remarks at 9:15.

Talks and workshops schedule




Time Paris
10:00 am[Workshop] Set Up Your Development Environment for Contributing to WordPress (morning session) Tom J Nowell, Lorelei Aurora
10:50 am[Talk] Event Accessibility: Inclusive Events for All Humans Kelly Dwan
11:40 am[Talk] How the WordPress Security Team Works Aaron Campbell
12:30 pm[Talk] Why Your Community Needs a Glossary Daniele Scasciafratte
2:15 pm[Workshop] Set Up Your Development Environment for Contributing to WordPress (afternoon session) Tom J Nowell, Lorelei Aurora
3:05 pm[Talk] WordPress Plugin and Theme Directories Don’t Love Developers David Aguilera
3:55 pm[Workshop] Visual Data Using the WordPress API Cate Huston, Mark Uraine, John Maeda


Time Marseille
10:00 am[Workshop] Internationalisation for WordPress Developers John Blackbourn
11:00 am[Workshop] Learn How to Contribute Code to the Meta Team Ian Dunn, Corey McKrill
12:00 pm[Workshop] Intro to Developing WordPress Plugins Mika Epstein
2:30 pm[Workshop] Keyboard Navigation Rian Rietveld
3:30 pm[Workshop] Contributing to WordPress Core: Moving Beyond Your First Patch Felix Arntz


First Floor


Time Genève
10:00 am[Workshop] Getting Up and Running with Vanilla JavaScript Zac Gordon
11:45 am[Workshop] JavaScript and Backbone in WordPress Core: Past, Present and Future Adam Silverstein


Second Floor


Time Cardiff
10:00 am[Workshop] Polyglot for beginners Caspar Hübinger
2:00 pm[Workshop] GlotPress features for WordPress translators Dominik Schilling
3:00 pm[Workshop] Glossary & Style Guide for Consistency Pascal Casier