[Workshop] Polyglot for beginners

This introductory talk covers everything you need to get started translating WordPress core, themes, or plugins to your language:

  • How to register on WordPress.org if you haven’t yet.
  • How to join the Polyglots channel on the WordPress Slack, and how to communicate with other Polyglots. (I.e. make new friends!)
  • How to follow the Polylots “make” blog, and what to pay attention to there.
  • How to translate on Translate.WordPress.org.
  • Which roles and capabilities can do what in terms of translation and validation (and what that is).
  • A few technical things you need to know about translation—but really just a few, no worries.
  • What “Rosetta” is and how you can use its secret powers.

After having attended this talk you should be able to contribute to WordPress in your language effectively and confidently, know where to find answers if you have questions, and feel ready to get some strings translated during your further contributor day right away.